Our trained professionals can help identify what is best for your particular body. Come in for a detailed consultation today!


Slimming/Detox Consulting

Your results are important to us here at AB Slim. During your first visit, we will sit down with you and help decide on a program that best fits your goals, and specific body type. Everyone is recommended to do a thorough detoxification prior to starting any weight loss program. After cleaning out those toxins, your body is ready to join you in your battle to lose those extra pounds! With our help, you will love your body again, and it will love you for taking good care of it as well!

Fitness/Diet/Supplementation Consulting

We do our best to assist you in removing unwanted fat and toxins, but if you want lasting results, you need to keep a good balance between fitness, diet, and supplementation. Our staff professional can sit down with you, and discuss your habits in the kitchen as well as your lifestyle. He can even design a gym routine just for you!